Cedaredge Special Meeting

The Cedaredge Board of Trustees sits before residents of Cedaredge to discuss the petition.

On the evening of Jan. 9, the Town of Cedaredge Board of Trustees held a special meeting, during which they approved a petition submitted for creating a ballot measure for the upcoming municipal elections on April 7. This proposed ballot measure is an initiative to form the Town of Cedaredge Golf Course General Improvement District.

If passed by citizens in the elections, the proposed general improvement district would pose a property tax mill levy of 14 mills on the golf course residents residing within the territories of Stonebridge, Stonegate, Deer Creek, South Village and residual parcel of Stonecrest Village, back nine undivided. The mill levy has no sunset, so it would therefore remain indefinitely unless a public effort comes up in the future to change it.

The general public was invited to attend and speak about why they were for or against the petition being approved onto the ballot. Each person was given a maximum of two minutes to make their point, and the number of people speaking against the initiative outnumbered the people who spoke in favor of it.

However, as Trustee Al Smith told the public, the petition was done properly and had the proper number of signatures on it. Therefore, it was the board’s duty to mainly make sure everything relating to the petition is in order. Other than that, it was their responsibility to approve it for the ballot, which the board unanimously did.

The only people who will be eligible to vote on the ballot measure will be residents who live in the territories that will be affected by the mill levy should the measure pass.

General comments in favor of the initiative indicated that residents would be happy to see their property value go up due to an improved golf course. Comments against the initiative indicated that residents felt like they were being penalized for living in a particular area and being forced to pay more when a donation system would be more ethical, particularly when certain residents in the golf course area are not golfers.

Despite the majority of citizen comments on the issue at the special meeting, the group of petitioners received enough signatures to make the petition valid. The ballot measure will appear on the municipal election ballots for residents within the previously mentioned golf course territories.

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