By Lucas Vader

Staff Writer

The Town of Cedaredge board of trustees, which included three new trustees, held its first regular town meeting over virtual methods. The board used the platform Zoom to hold the meeting in a conference call, with the link to join the meeting available in the agenda.

Outgoing trustees and swearing in of new trustees

The board gave its farewell to Mayor Gene Welch and trustees Bob Michael, Al Smith and Dayton Myers, as they are departing the Town of Cedaredge Board of Trustees following the April 7 election.

Immediately following, Economic Development Coordinator and Town Clerk Kami Collins swore in Ray Hanson as mayor, whereas he was previously the mayor pro-tem. She then swore in new trustees Richard Udd, James Atkinson and Heidi Weissner.

Because the mayor seat was filled by a trustee stepping up to take the seat, the board of trustees now faces a vacancy for a trustee seat. Letters of interest for anyone interested in filling the seat can be sent to Collins at

Swearing in of Cedaredge Police Chief Joseph Roberts

In a similar fashion to the swearing in of the new trustees, Collins swore in the Cedaredge Police Department’s new chief of police Joe Roberts. Normally, the town meeting includes a report from the chief of police, but Roberts was exempt this time because he only began his position on Monday, three days before the meeting.

Appointment of officers for the Town of Cedaredge

Patti Michael, trustee and previous treasurer, was appointed mayor pro-tem. New trustee Richard Udd was appointed as the new treasurer. These appointments were made by Hanson, accepted by the appointees. Michael gave the treasurer’s report one last time. Udd will take over the reports next month.

All town staff were voted to be appointed to their jobs.

Golf pro’s request to allow his wife to apply for a part-time position at the golf course

The town’s handbook requires that town staff has to approve the application process of family members with the board of trustees. Therefore, the new golf pro, Ira Kramer, came before the board for permission to allow his wife, Amy, to apply for a part-time position at the pro shop. The board approved his request.

Ordinance 03-2020: Building codes

The board of trustees passed Ordinance 03-2020, which updated the Town of Cedaredge building codes. The updates are specified in the meeting agenda at

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