Town of Cedaredge, Colorado

Town of Cedaredge.

Thursday, Jan. 6 marked the first Cedaredge Board of Trustees meeting in 2022 as well as the first regular meeting on the first Thursday of the month after switching from once monthly to twice monthly meetings. The next meeting will be on Thursday, Jan. 20 and regular meetings will continue to be at 5 p.m. every first and third Thursday of the month after that.

Wage Scale: The Town of Cedaredge Board of Trustees updated the new wage scale approved at the end of last year, amending it to include more specific job titles within the town that were initially left off, including the addition of a wage scale for a police corporal and police administrative assistant. It also added a scale for an assistant golf course superintendent and golf course mechanic so that it would be in place at a time in the future when or if the town moves forward with the positions.

Resolution 01-2022: Designated Posting Place: In a housekeeping item, the board of trustees designated the posting place for public meetings to remain the same — the front window of town hall. This resolution is a formality and must be determined at the start of each new year.

Resolution 02-2022: 2022 List of Highway User Tax Fund (HUTF) Street: In another housekeeping item, the board approved a resolution to submit a certification regarding streets indicating any changes in total mileage, system designation, surface type and roadway condition data. This plays into the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) highway user tax.

Resolution 03-2022: Modifying the Surface Creek Saddle Club Utility Account: In a resolution that comes up each new year, the board voted in favor of modifying the utility account for the Surface Creek Saddle Club nonprofit. Though they have a two-inch line, the grounds get used on a seasonal basis and the yearly demand averages out to the use of about a three—quarter-inch line. Therefore, despite the two-inch line, the Surface Creek Saddle Club will continue to be charged the rate for a five-eighths-three-quarter-inch line.

Lucas Vader is a staff writer for the Delta County Independent. Follow him on Twitter, @lucasrvader.

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