Movements to consolidating the bylaws and signing a single version into effect

Following various discussions since December about the Cedaredge Chamber of Commerce (CACC) having more than one version of the bylaws they use to operate, the CACC board of directors put together a new draft of the bylaws, which they hope to vote into effect at the March 3 meeting. In the past, the multiple unsigned versions would state different procedures, causing confusion within the board. Once the current iteration is voted and signed into effect, it will be the only valid version until the board goes through a new process with a new version in the future.

Lock announces resignation to board

Public Works Co-director Scott Lock announced his resignation from the Town of Cedaredge to the board of directors. This revealed implications, as Lock has gone far beyond his job description in helping with Applefest every year.

According to Lock, the public works department’s only obligation for Applefest is to block off the roads. Lock did everything else by choice, including electrical setup for vendors. The board therefore had an early discussion about finding someone else who can help with electrical setup and other preparations that Lock has helped with in the past. Lock and Board President Alex Moreno agreed to get together and go over certain aspects, and Lock said he knew someone who may be willing to help with electrical hookup when the time comes.

Lock’s last day will be Feb. 28, as reported in the DCI article, “Cedaredge public works co-director resigns, town will move forward with one director.”

Applefest will be held over the weekend of Oct. 3-4.

Planning for new executive director and transitional period

Due to serious medical issues that were detailed in the DCI article “Saving Applefest: A true story,” Alisha Komives has resigned her position of executive director for the CACC. In her absence, CACC Secretary LeAnn Moreno is filling in the position, though the board members indicated that she didn’t have very much time to prepare.

Due to the current circumstance, the board discussed ways to efficiently and quickly transition. They settled on asking Komives to write an “instruction manual” on all the duties of the executive director. Secretary Moreno could reference the instructions while she fills in, and the next hired executive director could reference it as well.

All members of the board expressed interest in getting the instructions as quickly as possible. “We have legitimate membership complaints happening today,” Board Member Kami Collins said. President Alex Moreno agreed that fixing the issues related to the executive director vacancy is a priority.

Fast-track plan to solidify budget, policy and procedure

Also due to Komives’ exit and the transition of executive directors, the board needed to make fast-track plan for the year’s finalized budget, as it was originally supposed to be done before now. The board of directors therefore set up two special lunch meetings to finalized the budget, as well as policy and procedure. They plan to have that ready by the March meeting.

Discussions to revamp Business After Hours

The board of directors discussed a revamp of their traditional Business After Hours. Potential changes that came up were opportunities for the participating business owners to be able to talk more about their business at the event and for members to have more control in when the event takes place (even if it’s not after hours). No official decisions were made on the topic, but improvements were discussed.

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