On Nov. 21, preceding the regular town hall meeting, the Cedaredge Town Council held a public hearing for the adoption of the 2020 town budget. The budget was revised after Election Day, when Ballot Initiative 1A, “Back the Badge,” failed. Initiative 1A had previously been part of the budget and needed to be removed.

The 2020 budget shows the Town of Cedaredge is projected to spend a total of $219,666 in reserves, mostly due to the needs of the water fund, from which the town is expected to spend $219,789 in reserves. Plans for 2020 that cause expenditures for the water fund are a waterline replacement in the alley between Birch Avenue and Beech Avenue, a pickup replacement, a new roof at the water plant north building, new metering and valves at the water plant, and the beginning of engineering and planning for Northridge Road waterline replacement.

The budget shows a 2% cost of living adjustment (COLA) increase for employee compensation and up to 3% merit. The budget also takes into consideration the 12% increase that Colorado Intergovernmental Risk Sharing Agency (CIRSA) is enacting for 2020, as well as the 4.5% increase in the cost of health insurance for town employees.

The General Fund is budgeted for $1,336,369 of revenue and $1,331,532 of expenditures, with a plan to add $4,837 to reserves. The water fund budget shows $1,027,083 of revenue and $1,246,872 of expenditures, with the expectation that the town will have to spend $219,789 in reserves.

The wastewater fund projects a $6,664 addition to reserves, with $694,332 budgeted in revenue and $687,668 budgeted in expenditures.

The golf course fund is budgeted for $466,000 in revenue and $465,450 in expenditures, allowing $550 to be added to reserves. However, $71,000 is projected to be transferred to the golf course funds from other funds. Town Administrator Greg Brinck wrote in the expenditure highlights that there were significant repair and maintenance costs in 2019 and the same is projected for 2020.

The capital improvement fund is budgeted for $232,871 in revenue and $256,200 in expenditures, with a projected $23,329 that will need to be spent in reserves. The planned expenses for capital improvement are laptops, tablets and a projector for council meetings, a one-ton pickup truck replacement and asphalt management.

The conservation trust fund projects $11,400 being added to reserves, with $27,400 budgeted in revenue and $16,000 budgeted in expenditures.

The Town of Cedaredge 2020 budget will go into effect on Jan. 1.

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