Town of Cedaredge

Town of Cedaredge.

At the July 15 Cedaredge Board of Trustees town meeting, Town Administrator Greg Brinck and the trustees reviewed the draft for the town’s 2021-2022 strategic plan.

This plan focuses on economic growth and planning for the future, along with any potential future recessions.

“The Town of Cedaredge has gone through a few years of strong economic growth after a long slow recovery from the 2008 financial crisis,” Brinck said in the introduction to the plan. “With increased revenue, it is important to plan for the future to continue thoughtful, sustainable growth and to minimize impacts from a future economic recession.”

Brinck showed the board that the plan is divided into three different sections pertaining to economy and growth. Those sections are “Protect Current Resources,” “Livability” and “Future Growth.”

Protect Current Resources

According to the strategic plan, the town’s current resources and infrastructure have fallen behind on maintenance and replacement schedules.

With that, Brinck indicated that the town’s plan is to prioritize the maintenance of current assets. This goes beyond infrastructure and pertains also to town staff, which the plan states is the “biggest asset.”

It also pertains to water resources and maintenance and replacement of town-owned equipment and property — spanning from golf course maintenance equipment to roads and parks.


The livability segment of the plan prioritizes the idea of making Cedaredge a community of choice for current and future residents. This includes expanding accessibility to not only vehicle travel but also to bicycle travel and pedestrians.

In addition to this goal being in place for the downtown area, it would also apply to walkability and connectivity of current sidewalks and trails and additional nature and bike trails.

The livability portion of the plan also references the Cedaredge Golf Club as “an incredible asset” and a “regional draw” for daily visitors, as well as a reason that residents relocate to Cedaredge. Therefore, the plan condones improvements and prioritized maintenance of the course.

The plan also includes Cedaredge Police Department community relations.

In terms of beautification, the plan references the priority to maintain aesthetics of all parks and trails, as well as maintenance of seasonal flowers and planted gardens. In relation to that, the plan has a point to enforce town codes on severe weed and junk nuisances in town “to facilitate a clean, welcoming community.”

The plan has a point for housing diversity, which aims to create opportunities for residents in all stages of life and all incomes.

Future GrowthThe future growth segment of the plan focuses on planned courses of action for sustainability and precautions against potential future economic recessions.

“Cedaredge is experiencing increased growth not seen since before the 2008 Great Recession,” the plan stated. “The Town should plan for controlled growth to maintain the small town environment the community hold dear.”

As the shortest section of the drafted plan, it starts with sustainability.

With increased severity and frequency of drought in the region, the plan states that the town would “put an emphasis on sustainable policies to encourage current residents to conserve water.”

The plan makes a point that land development should be encouraged and the process streamlined while still protecting the Town of Cedaredge.

Finally, the plan states that Cedaredge should aim to be an “attractive business community,” essentially serving as a town of choice for new and expanding businesses.

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