Town of Cedaredge, Colorado

Town of Cedaredge.

By Lucas Vader

Staff Writer

Resolution 32-2020: Budget Approval

The Town of Cedaredge board of trustees approved the town’s 2021 budget as it was presented at the Nov. 19 meeting. The budget is detailed in the DCI article “Cedaredge town budget set for approval Dec. 10.”

Resolution 31-2020: Budget Appropriations

With the approval of the budget, the board of trustees approved the attached budget appropriations, which declare the following:

$1,683,215 is appropriated from revenues and reserves/fund balances of the general fund for the expenditures of the general fund.

$3,650,037 is appropriated from revenues and reserves/fund balances of the water fund for the expenditures of the water fund.

$865,407 is appropriated from revenues and reserves/fund balances of the wastewater fund for the expenditures of the wastewater fund.

$517,724 is appropriated from revenues and reserves/fund balances of the golf course fund for the expenditures of the golf course fund.

$310,200 is appropriated from revenues and reserves/fund balances of the capital improvement fund for the expenditures of the capital improvement fund.

$65,000 is appropriated from revenues and reserves/fund balances of the trust fund for the expenditures of the trust fund.

Resolution 30-2020: Budget Emergency Reserves

As a formality, the board approved emergency reserves required by the TABOR amendment.

Resolution 29-2020: Setting Mill Levy

Also as a TABOR amendment formality, the board approved the yearly setting of the mill levy, which ultimately brings no discernible change.

Ordinance 2020-07: Business Licensing

After deciding to table the ordinance at its November meeting, the board voted it into approval at its most recent meeting. All were indicatively satisfied with the clarifications that had been previously requested.

The new municipal code will still bring on an annual $25 fee for businesses and nonprofits that do business for money, such as the Grand Mesa Arts and Events Center and the two nonprofit thrift stores. Nonprofits that do not conduct this type of business will be exempt from the fee, including the Rotary Club, the Lions Club, etc.

Resolution 26-2020: Business License Fees

With Ordinance 2020-07, the board of trustees also passed a resolution for new licenses and renewals to remain $25 a year, with a fine of $10 for late payments.

Resolution 28-2020: Capital Improvement Plan

As capital improvement develops the town and causes permanent changes in infrastructure, the board, as a formality, approved 2021 capital improvement projects as they are budgeted.

Town Administrator Report

Town Administrator Greg Brinck presented to the board a new promotional video for the Town of Cedaredge and the Cedaredge Golf Club. The project was funded by the golf course fund and done by David Jacobson.

Brinck also reported that he and Town Finance Director Tammie Francis have been finding ways to spend the remaining CARES Act funding, particularly with nonprofits, and they plan to spend the remaining $8,000 of it before they would lose it at the end of the year.

Golf Course Report

Cedaredge Golf Pro Ira Kramer reported in a sent-in written statement that November revenue was great, coming in at $71,503.23 compared to November 2019’s $5,356.66.

Kramer declared the Holiday Open House event a “tremendous success.” They have sold 38 memberships for 2021, 12 of which are new members.

Course Superintendent Adam Conway reported that the turf is decent going into the winter, but he will continue to struggle with irrigation issues overall. Overall, he indicated that he’s optimistic about 2021.

The Cedaredge Golf Club closed at the end of November and is scheduled to reopen on Feb. 1 of next year, weather permitting.

Police Report

Cedaredge Police Chief Joe Roberts reported a straightforward month of November, but the effort to hire a new officer is still underway. A officer should be hired on Jan. 4 at this point.

The police department is changing its hours due to lack of people who come in on Fridays. New hours, starting after the New Year holiday, will be 7 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Thursday.

Public Works Report

Public Works Director Jerry Young’s report reflected on 2020, stating that two major projects were completed this year. Those were the rebuild of the Last Chance Reservoir and the upgrade to the backwash valve control.

Young declared the year to be successful from the standpoint of the sewer plant.

Town Clerk and Economic Development Coordinator

Town Clerk and Economic Development Coordinator Kami Collins reported that, as of writing the report, $60,000 had been reimbursed to local businesses and nonprofits through COVID business grants. The grant deadline has been extended and Collins said she is working with an additional three to five entities to assist with grant funds.

Treasurer’s Report

The treasurer’s report, like last month, looked better than had originally been planned. As of this point, the Town of Cedaredge has collected 108.3% of budgeted revenues and spent 75.8% of budgeted expenditures.

The golf course’s revenue is 121% of budget year to date compared to last year, and it’s expected that the course will end the year with “substantial reserves.”

It’s expected that total revenues will exceed the budgeted amount by 30% and expenditures will remain “well within budget.”

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