At the Jan. 16 Cedaredge town meeting, the board of trustees passed a series of resolutions to transfer money from the conservation trust fund to the golf course fund for the 2019 budget. They did this because the golf course had ended with negative funds, which can’t happen for the end of a fiscal year. The funds were therefore transferred for golf course superintendent wages. The resolutions in their entirety can be read on the meeting’s packet at

In other news, Cedaredge Tree Board Chairman Jim Leser gave his annual update, stating that the Tree Board had an overall successful year. Additionally, the board of trustees voted to seat Dorothy Pew on the Tree Board. According to Leser, this is the first time they’ve had a full seven people on the board since 2013.

Ken Christensen of the Surface Creek Food Bank reported that the food bank is serving about 50 families and 250 people and that the nonprofit works off of the labor of 35-40 volunteers, who work an approximate combined 500 hours a month. Christensen thanked the board of trustees for continuing to provide them with the building rent-free.

During the department reports, Trustee and Treasurer Patti Michael reported that sales tax revenue is up 18.4% this year from what it was at this point last year.

Town Clerk and Economic Development Coordinator Kami Collins reported that registration packets were available to pick up for people who would like to run for the open positions of mayor or trustees this coming April. Collins said one packet had been returned for the mayor position and three had been returned for trustees. In addition to that, at least six packets were given out and are in circulation.

Interim Cedaredge Police Chief Jake Hernandez told the council that crime has been occurring at a higher rate lately and that there are “bigger things going on.” Hernandez gave a report on the Bruin Brotherhood and Sisterhood group at Cedaredge Middle School. According to Hernandez, the group took a trip to the Abraham Connection.

Public Works Director Scott Lock reported that the reservoirs are looking good and that the town is on its way to a summer with a good amount of water. Lock said there have been problems with people ignoring the crosswalk on the highway because it currently doesn’t have the signs up, saying he wanted to remind the town that the crosswalk’s rules still apply. Additionally, Lock wanted to ask people to give the snowplows a little more room than they have been, particularly on Main Street. To give an example of the increase of snow Cedaredge had from 2017 to 2018, he reported that 2018’s winter produced 124.5 hours of labor for snow plowers. During the drought year, he reported that there had been three hours total.

The board of trustees ratified a letter with Northland Securities as a federal regulation. More information on Northland Securities is in the letter, included in the meeting packet.

Finally, the town board of trustees approved the ballot language for the Cedaredge Golf Course General Improvement District ballot measure that was approved from a petition at a special meeting on Jan. 9. The ballot language is available for viewing in the meeting packet.

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