Cedaredge Main Street

Cedaredge Main Street.

By Lucas Vader

Staff Writer

The Town of Cedaredge Board of Trustees will meet at a work session on May 19, where it will discuss appointing Charles Howe to a vacant trustee seat.

Cedaredge came out of the April 7 municipal election with three new trustees on the town board, but as Ray Hanson stepped up to be the town’s new mayor, a vacancy was left in his place. As previously stated in “Cedaredge Town Board seeks letters of interest for vacant trustee position,” the town’s deadline for letters of interest and answers to a questionnaire was Friday, May 1.

According to Town Administrator Greg Brinck, by that deadline, the Town of Cedaredge had received a letter of interest from Howe, while receiving no other letters.

Howe had been a candidate for a trustee position for the recent election but had not ultimately been elected. While Howe is applying for the vacancy, the two other candidates who were not elected — Bob Michael and Cyndi Payne — withdrew themselves from consideration for the vacancy, leaving only Howe to be considered.

This decision would have been preceded by a special meeting to interview candidates for the vacancy if there had been more than one letter of interest, but since there was only one letter, the board of trustees will not hold a special meeting. Instead, it will discuss the appointment of Howe at the May 19 work session and make an appointment to the board on May 21 at the regular town meeting, according to Brinck.

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