Charles Howe

Charles Howe

Cedaredge Trustee Candidate Charles Howe is running to be a new trustee for the Town of Cedaredge, starting in April, and he said he wants to bring new ideas to generate more income and to clarify a number of “untruths” going around town.

“I thought now maybe is a good time for me to go in there to find out really what’s going on and if I can be of any help to the town,” Howe said.

Howe moved to Cedaredge in 2002. He has a background in medical imaging, with an associate degree in X-ray technology and a bachelor’s degree in nuclear medicine. He managed a medical imaging department in a community hospital for over 12 years. Howe said that throughout this time, he gained experience in budgeting and running finances. He had to deal with the city and hospital boards during his time with the hospital, which gave him political experience as well.

Howe aims to use his experience to help the town with budgetary needs and to look into rumors that too much unnecessary money is being spent.

“I hear that a lot, that the town just wastes money,” Howe said. “So I want to figure out first off if that is the case. Secondly, we need to think outside the box and generate more income to avenues other than property tax, which just puts the burden on the residents of the city.”

Howe said the board needs to primarily think of utilizing new businesses and sales tax to stabilize the town’s economy in the future. Sales taxes benefit the town with the help of more than just residents, as tourism would generate extra funds as well.

“You’ve got to get in there to figure out what it’s all about,” Howe said. “I don’t know what the problems are that they’ve hashed over and didn’t come up with solutions. Maybe we can hash them over again and come up with solutions.”

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