Dan Sanders

Cedaredge Police Chief Dan Sanders

On Dec. 17, Cedaredge Police Chief Dan Sanders resigned from the Cedaredge Police Department. His last day at the force will be Jan. 3.

Sanders will be joining the Delta County Sheriff’s Office as a patrol deputy. “I’m just going to go down and get paid what I get paid here and have less headache, is the real truth,” Sanders said.

According to Sanders, who has been Cedaredge’s police chief since 2013, the last year was stressful, both professionally and personally, warranting his decision to go after something different.

Sanders started at the CPD in 2004, when he was hired by the chief at the time, Tom Early. Sanders said about 22 police officers joined and left the force during the time he was there, and two more chiefs, Dave King and Bob Yant, took the position after Early, before Sanders took it on.

Before he became chief, Sanders acted as interim chief for eight months before King was hired and an additional 10 months before Yant was hired. After Yant was let go from the police force, Sanders stepped up to take the lead.

“I have been invested in the place heavily,” Sanders said. “I have been running the joint for a long time, and it’s hard to just, like, give that up. It’s still my baby, and I’ve let it run into the ground a little bit, but I can fix it. It’s time for new blood.”

Once Sanders leaves, Sergeant Jake Hernandez will act as interim chief until the position is properly filled.

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