By Lucas Vader

Staff Writer

At a June 17 combined meeting, the Delta City Council met with the Delta County Commissioners to discuss a handful of future project prospects which concerned both the City of Delta and the entirety of Delta County.

According to Delta Town Clerk Jolene Nelson, this was specifically a work session in which no decisions took place. It was simply a behind-the-scenes meeting to ensure that the city and county are on the same page as far as development is concerned.

Nelson described the meeting as “just thoughts that were thrown out, and we don’t know where it’s going to go from here.”

Items that came up in discussion were those of the Blake Field Airport, the Delta library building, a boat ramp off G50 Road, Delta Urban Renewal Authority and the Confluence Park restrooms.

Blake Field Airport

During the discussion on the airport, the council and commissioners talked about the upcoming water project which will result in the City of Delta providing water for the airport. It was reported that there is not yet a timeline on the project, but that the project is still contingent on engineer and staff reports coming in the near future.

Delta library building

The board of county commissioners discussed the prospect of obtaining the library building, Nelson said, as they have an interest in expanding the Delta County Sheriff’s Office, which includes the Delta County Jail. Almost no details on this desire have been determined. The DCI will report further once information becomes available.

G50 Road boat ramp

The two groups discussed the prospect of a boat ramp off G50 Road. At this early stage, there are no design or specific details.

Confluence Park restrooms

Following community questioning on why the restrooms at Confluence Park have not been open for the season, the council and the commissioners cited the reason as being a combination of too many sanitation requirements and not enough staff at the time. Since staff is cut back due to COVID-19, they wouldn’t be able to clean the restrooms as often as Gov. Jared Polis’ orders are requiring.

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