West Legacy Mural Concept

Concept sketch for West Legacy Park's first mural, by Seth Weber.

At the Sept. 7 Delta City Council meeting, the council went over a concept for the first mural for West Legacy Park, the city’s newly opened pocket park in the slot where West’s Home Center once stood.

The mural presented and described by Delta Marketing Coordinator Darin Hamm is yet another work by Seth Weber, whose style continues to pop up in more places in the area.

Weber is responsible for pieces such as the Gateway to the Canyons south of town, a Piece of Art on the front of the Delta House and the Newsboy on the Delta County Independent building.

This planned piece would take up the entire stretch of the north wall of the park and, as the attached sketch shows, it encapsulates a hardy chunk of Delta’s history within one scene, particularly that of beet farming.

Three sketches for murals were originally considered. Input was gathered by the arts, events and culture committee, the Rotary Club of Delta and a citizen survey. According to the official report, Weber’s sketch was overwhelmingly chosen, having received 90% of the votes.

Mayor Nathan Clay in particularly spoke out about his love for the idea of the mural, having come from a family of Delta beet farming himself. Beyond that, he appreciated the mural’s ability to work alongside other city murals to encapsulate the history and heritage of Delta.

“You have our history and you have our future as brought to us by the hard work of the past and the hard work of the future,” Clay said.

When the discussion briefly turned to splitting the mural into parts that could encapsulate even more history, Weber said that, from his personal experience, mosaic styles of murals tended to be less striking overall. And anyway, West Legacy Park still has several more walls to be considered.

Since the idea of a West Legacy Park mural came up in May, the Rotary Club of Delta has stepped up with a $15,000 donation and ideas on what kind of story the mural could tell. Therefore, it was deeply involved in the planning process along with Weber.

The sketch includes not only beet farming, but also the iconic white towers and the railroad.

After the council gave its approval, Weber’s mural is ready to proceed in the near future.

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