By Lucas Vader

Staff Writer

In the last couple weeks leading up to Thanksgiving Day, COVID-19 cases nationwide continue to rise, threatening a reversion into recent mandates and restrictions.

Nevertheless, Connie Freeman, owner of Connie’s Family Restaurant in Cedaredge, announced Tuesday that she has decided to pursue the tradition of serving a free Thanksgiving dinner at the restaurant that day.

Normally, the restaurant has become known for offering a free buffet of classic Thanksgiving food, and the entire three-hour lunch event is put on exclusively by Freeman and her family, not regular restaurant employees.

This year, while Freeman said they have decided to move forward with a free meal of some kind, it will look different in light of the virus.

“We’re not doing the buffet style,” Freeman said. “We’ll serve them. Because of COVID, we can’t do the buffet thing like we’ve been doing for years.”

It will still be put on by Freeman’s family and they’ll still have the same food, the same dinner, minus the buffet.

“And we can do takeout,” Freeman added, for an extra option during a time of the rising virus. The dinner will run from 11 a.m.-2 p.m. Nov. 26, Thanksgiving Day. That will take place at the restaurant’s location, 415 S Grand Mesa Dr., Cedaredge.

Meanwhile, Creekside Cafe, currently in a rebranding process of transitioning into Creekside on 65, decided not to put on a Thanksgiving meal this year, though it had traditionally been known to in the past, due solely to rising COVID-19 cases in the area.

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