Cedaredge Golf Course

The Cedaredge Golf Club, as of March 25, has been closed to everyone but annual pass holders. Because those with an annual pass do not need to exchange money with employees, they are able to access the course.

“We did that based on having the pro shop closed,” said Cedaredge Town Administrator Greg Brinck. “We were discussing how to have the course open and playable without creating any touch points and without creating a place where people would congregate in large groups. We looked at who has already prepaid for the season, who wouldn’t need to check in or pay for anything [or] access the pro shop, and be able to manage themselves.”

Safety and social distancing measures are being taken for those who do use the course. Golf is currently walking-only, all facilities (including the clubhouse and restrooms) are closed, and those using the course are encouraged to carry hand sanitizer with them. The course has also put emphasis on reducing contact surfaces and maintaining distance.

“There are no flags on the greens, everyone is supposed to keep a minimum of six feet from one another, and we don’t pick up the golf balls or each other’s equipment; we only grab what is ours,” said Dan Scott of the Cedaredge Men’s Golf Club.

While outdoor exercise is considered an essential activity under the governor’s order, the Cedaredge Golf Club urges users of the course to be smart and ensure safety during their experience.

“People [using the course] should know that we do still expect people to maintain social distancing, that they only walk in groups of four and don’t congregate before or after their rounds,” Brinck said. “It really is for exercise and not for a social outing.”

The golf course remains closed to those who do not hold annual passes, and other town buildings, such as Town Hall and the Cedaredge Civic Center, are also closed until further notice. Adjustments and changes will be made based on safety guidelines and developments in the pandemic.

“We’re continually seeking guidance from the county and state on how best to operate and be safe,” Brinck said. “We make decisions based on that, and with a fluid situation, things could change one way or another fairly quickly. We have been working to keep our communities safe while still offering the ability to go out and golf.”

More information on the Town of Cedaredge’s COVID-19 response can be found at cedaredgecolorado.com.

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