Cory Post Office

Cory Post Office.

An official postmaster letter announced Friday that the Cory Post Office at the Cory General Store is set to close. This is due to the fact that the space is rented by the postal service and the renter is not renewing the lease.

According to Eckert and Cory Postmaster Signe Degraffenried, the post office will close on Thursday, April 9, as an agreement with the owners of the building. Degraffenried said in the letter that retail services and P.O. Box delivery will be impacted by the closure.

The letter stated that all current customers at the Cory Post Office will receive a service suspension letter during the first part of February with suggested delivery alternatives listed. These alternatives suggest that people establish delivery to their homes or rent a P.O. Box at another post office, such as Eckert or Austin.

The letter also stated, “All customers must file an official change of address Order at or at the retail window.”

“We understand this may be an inconvenience to many of you, but we do not have any other alternative,” the letter stated. “We appreciate your understanding and will help you through this transition.”

The letter also announced a meeting for customers of the Cory Post Office. The meeting will be held 5:30 p.m. on Jan. 31 at the Orchard City Town Hall in the community room, and the purpose will be to allow the postal service to answer any community questions about how to proceed with these changes.

In regards to the announcement from the renter that the lease would not be renewed, Degraffenried said no one was prepared for this change.

“We got very short notice on this,” Degraffenried said. “[The renter’s] lease had just come up the first of the year and they decided that they do not want to renew that. They are working with us to extend the period of time so that we are able to work with the customers and work on getting this so hopefully it’s a seamless transition for the customers.”

Degraffenried said they still have to go through legalities in order to properly close the post office. “It takes a lot” to close down a post office, she said.

“It’s unfortunate for sure and it’s going to be a very hard transition for a lot of people, but it’s definitely out of our hands,” Degraffenried said.

For the time being, residents have time to set up alternative methods of receiving mail before the Cory Post Office closes its doors for good on April 9.

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