Sven Edstrom from Trail Tectonics

Sven Edstrom from Trail Tectonics works on the bicycle pump track at Crossroads Park in Hotchkiss. 

Staff Report

With summer almost over, the bicycle trails and pump track skills course have been completed at Crossroads Park in Hotchkiss.

The first phase at the park which included 3.5 miles of trail and a basic pump-track for beginner and intermediate riders was built in 2018 with a GOCO Generation Wild grant received through The Nature Connection.

Thanks to a successful collaboration between the two organizations, the Colorado Health Foundation (CHF) approved funding in the amount of $33,450 for the North Fork Pool, Park and Recreation District to complete trails and build components for a bike skills course next to the bicycle pump track.

The CHF grant was designed for shovel-ready projects that emphasize safe, inclusive play spaces suitable for all people regardless of their age, background and abilities; allowing underserved residents in rural Colorado to recreate and nurture healthy minds, bodies and communities. The CHF grant was part of a larger grant awarded to, and administered by, the Delta County Health Department.

“Crossroads Park is an outstanding recreational hub of Delta County and the district’s goals for expansion caught the health department’s attention well before the application process,” stated Jolyne Young, project coordinator. “And we’re pleased to see the increased accessibility now available in the county to learn and practice new biking skills at a variety of ability levels and safe opportunities for mentorship.”

Components funded through this grant include wayfinding signage, trail maps, bridges, two bicycle repair stations, as well as fun features for building mountain biking skills. Trail Tectonics was contracted to design and build these elements as well as to manage a trail-building crew of young adults hired by The Nature Connection and paid with GOCO grant funding.

The collaborative project has enabled the trails at Crossroads Park to connect to trails recently finished on Delta County School District property by The Nature Connection making it a bicycle destination for people of all ages.

Crossroads Park has been an important project in light of COVID-19 providing safe outdoor play for the entire community. Throughout the spring and summer, individuals and families have taken advantage of this great addition to the North Fork Valley’s recreation district, according to NFPPRD.

“I have spoken with individuals throughout the summer who haven’t been on a bicycle for years and were delighted to have a place to go to brush up on their skills and get outdoors,” said Lenore Cambria, district administrator, “Even the tiniest kids who don’t even have pedals on their bikes have smiles on their faces as they stride along the beginner paths.”

NFPPRD wishes to extend a big thanks to Ira Houseweart for designing and building unique beautiful trail map signs and to Sven Edstrom from Trail Tectonics for his unrelenting dedication to the project.

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