In August the Colorado Tourism Office (CTO) announced that travelers set an all-time spending record of $22.3 billion on Colorado trips and vacations in 2018. According to a report prepared for CTO by Dean Runyan Associates, Delta and Montrose counties also benefited from this spending increase, seeing record spending, earnings and jobs supported by tourism.

Overnight stays in Delta County impacted travel spending by a record number of $39.8 million, a 6% increase from 2017. In 2018, 623 jobs were supported by tourism — highest since the start of the financial crisis in 2007.

These jobs translated to $13.5 million earned in employment, also a record for Delta County.

Local taxes were impacted by $1.2 million from overnight travel in Delta County. State taxes were impacted $1.1 million.

The City of Delta City Council hasn’t been shy about wanting to cash-in on Colorado’s allure to travellers.

Increasing tourism revenues became a focus in 2019 — through a partnership with Delta County Tourism and the Colorado Tourism Office, completing a CRAFT 201 grant, hiring a marketing coordinator, purchasing collateral pieces with an implementation grant and allocating funds to improving Main Street.

According to the report, “Local taxes include room taxes, sales taxes and auto rental taxes levied by cities, counties and special districts and regions. Property taxes are not included. State taxes include the 2.9 percent state sales tax, the 22 cents per gallon motor fuel tax, and income taxes on travel-generated earnings and travel-related business income.”

Colorado State House District 54 Representative Matthew Soper said the takeaway is that, “People have more money in their back pockets and they are willing to travel more. And Colorado is one of those top destinations. People want to get to the great outdoors and travel and see what Colorado has to offer.”

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