On Jan. 10, Dallas Burrow opened for Charley Crockett at the Paonia Paradise Theatre. The show was part of the theatre’s Pickin’ n Paradise season.

Burrow and Crockett met while both were out exploring, geographically and musically.

“We met up in Northern California five or six years ago. We were both young travelers out there singing the blues, and we became friends. He was kind enough to think of me to open up for him,” Burrow said. “It’s an honor to share the stage with him... I’m certainly inspired by what he does, but we both do our own thing. We each remain true to ourselves and what we do, respectively.”

The two performers brought their unique styles together for the concert, showcasing not only their shared love for music but their close friendship, as well.

“I always admired Dallas as a songwriter and a free spirit. We had an opening, I knew Dallas liked playing in Colorado and I’ve been wanting to get him on more shows,” Crockett said.

Following the Paonia show, Crockett and Burrow will continue their tour to Washington’s in Fort Collins, then each continue their musical endeavors.

“I look forward to getting out and meeting some new people out here in Colorado,” Burrow said. “I hope [the music] gives them a reprieve from their daily life, gives them a chance to let loose and enjoy themselves.”

Crockett said that live performances are different on both ends: for an audience, the “right in front of you” experience is drastically different than listening to a song on the radio, and for the performer, seeing the crowd react and engage with the music is entirely different than recording the songs in a studio.

“When you’re playing a show at a theatre like tonight, a warm and cozy joint, your audience is right in front of you. It’s a reciprocal thing, there’s no substitute for it,” Crockett said.

For both Burrow and Crockett, the performance in Paonia was their first time playing in this part of Colorado, and the Paonia community had an impact on them.

“I find the local community really comes out,” Crockett said. “Some of the people I’ve met in town, they’re so kind and inviting and say they’ve been excited for the show.”

Both Crockett and Burrow agreed that the experience of bringing their music to small communities that may not have options to see “bigger” performers was one of the best aspects of the show.

“Small towns are great because lots of times you encounter country folks who don’t get to see a lot of touring acts,” Burrow said. “Just the charm of small town people is always nice to encounter.”

The excitement surrounding the performance appeared to be mutual, with Paonia welcoming the two performers with open arms.

“Somebody made an amazing dinner for us,” Crockett said. “We haven’t gotten a home cooked meal of that quality on this whole tour, and it doesn’t surprise me that it happened in Paonia.”

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