Delta County Memorial Hospital (DCMH) completed its 2019 Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) and has posted the results and implementation plan on its website. Through the CHNA process, the hospital has determined the top health needs of the community are: accessibility, affordability, mental health, drug and substance abuse, alcohol abuse and social factors.

The implementation plan that DCMH created to address these needs includes: services/programs the hospital already offers, new services/programs the hospital may add, other organizations the hospital may partner with and useful metrics the hospital will use to track its progress.

“CHNA provides a better understanding not only of the communities’ needs, but also helps us to assess what is being done,” stated Bob Thorn, DCMH interim CEO. “It provides an opportunity for the community to engage with the hospital. I appreciate the CHNA process because it also gives a system for the hospital and the community to come together to evaluate and celebrate the success of programs and partnerships along the way.”

A CHNA is a federal requirement of all non-profit hospitals to prove the hospital is providing community benefit and meeting the needs of local residents. The CHNA process follows federal guidelines including gathering statistical data from reputable sources, surveying “Local Experts” who meet specific criteria and developing an implementation plan for addressing the significant health needs in the area.

The complete report can be found at delta Community members can also go to the hospital’s front desk and request a paper copy to review. The hospital would appreciate feedback on the 2019 CHNA, which can be provided by sending an email to the DCMH Marketing Director Jacque Davis at or completing a paper form at the hospital’s front desk.

The 2019 CHNA was performed in conjunction with Quorum Health Resources, LLC of Brentwood, Tennessee. For more information, go to

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