Delta County Memorial Hospital

Delta County Memorial Hospital

The pre-trial conference once set for August in the sexual discrimination suit physicians filed against Delta County Memorial Hospital has been reset for late October.

In their federal suit last year, Drs. Gina Martin, Amanda Swanson and Susan Bright allege they were illegally fired from DCMH Family Medicine Clinic and had been treated differently than a male physician there with less experience, in terms of required call availability and pay. In addition to sexual discrimination, Bright also alleges she was retaliated against for taking time off under the Family Medical Leave Act, as needed, to deal with a difficult pregnancy.

The plaintiffs also say the hospital gave them contract renewals with terms less favorable than those offered to male doctors with less experience. Swanson and Bright allege they were terminated for raising concerns. Martin contends she was abruptly fired after meeting with hospital board officials concerning her contract.

The hospital has denied the allegations. Its response says its actions were lawful and in good faith, the result of factors other than the doctors’ sex or Martin’s pregnancy.

The U.S. District Court recently extended several deadlines in the case, including the final pre-trial conference, which is now set for Oct. 23.

The parties also stipulated they would keep confidential certain financial and personnel information. The court issued an order to that effect March 10.

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