Delta City Hall

Delta City Hall on Main Street.

By Lucas Vader

Staff Writer

Consideration of Property Boundary and Easement Agreement with Spectrum Pacific West, LLC, regarding West Legacy Park

The West Legacy Park project, which has faced delays due to an unstable wall, is ready to move forward once more. Spectrum Pacific West, LLC, that owns the property on which the unstable wall sits, signed the easement to allow city staff to demolish the wall and build a new one, and the Delta City Council voted that easement into effect.

With space between the unstable wall and the single layer of wall on the left side of Spectrum Pacific West’s building, the stable wall that closes off Spectrum from the outside world will remain standing.

The easement agreement is available for viewing in the meeting packet.

Consideration of contract award for High Density Mineral Bond Treatment for city streets

Public Works Director Betsy Suerth presented the city council with a staff recommendation to award the 2020 High Density Mineral Bond (HDMB) pavement treatment contract to Andale Construction, Inc. This contract will allow Andale Construction to apply HA5 brand HDMB treatment to the streets in the subdivisions of Garnet Mesa, on Second Street, on Third Street and on Seventh Street.

As Suerth explained, this particular treatment is best used on roads that are currently in good shape so that they remain in good shape for a longer period of time. Andale Construction provided the only bid for the contract, but Suerth assured the council that the price is competitive.

The cost of the project through Andale Construction is $276,757.54. The 2020 budget has $300,000 budgeted for this purpose.

Letter of support to DOLA for CASA’s grant application

Mariah Emond from Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) of the 7th Judicial District addressed the Delta City Council, requesting a letter of support be written to the Department of Local Affairs (DOLA) in order for CASA to receive grant funding to build special housing for troubled youth.

This housing is the second location of this nature that CASA is working on, and it’s meant to help foster older youth, mainly those who have generally had some issues. This program is designed to help them become functioning members of the community, according to Emond.

The council approved the letter of support, which is included in the meeting packet.

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