Delta City Council, Oct. 20, 2020

The Delta City Council holds its regularly scheduled public meeting. Left to right: Council members Mark Broome, Ryan Crick, Kevin Carlson, Cathy Boyd, Mayor Nathan Clay, City Manager Elyse Ackerman-Casselberry, City Clerk Jolene Nelson. Photo from the Oct. 20, 2020 regular meeting.

By Lucas Vader

Staff Writer

Consideration of Stone Mountain Filing #5 Final Plat

The Delta City Council unanimously approved the plat of Stone Mountain Village Filing #5, which proposed to subdivide about 2.41 acres into seven lots with one outlet. This will prepare them for sale. This subdivision is in the area of Silver Belle Street, Hudson Street and Vanderbilt Street.

No substantial changes have been made since approval of the preliminary plat, therefore the issue was not presented to the Delta Planning Commission.

Consideration of Audio/Video System

As a project that will use CARES Act funding before the deadline, the city council voted to move forward with a new sound and video system installation for council meetings. Upon staff recommendation, it agreed to use the company Audio Video Experts out of Grand Junction to do so, chosen over Conference Technologies, Inc.

The old system is going bad and is having increasing feedback issues. The new system would be CARES Act refundable, as it would enhance the quality of virtual meetings. The new system would bring in a more modern, wireless and compatible sound system while also providing a screen system.

The entire expansive system will cost a grand total of $31,496.41. The Conference Technologies, Inc. project had a grand total of $54,453.84, and according to staff, it included several things that are unnecessary for Delta City Council to productively conduct meetings.

Ordinance #5, 2020: Sale of Cottonwood and Riverbend Parks, Second Reading

The second and conclusive reading ordaining the sale of Cottonwood Park and Riverbend Park was approved unanimously by the city council. This authorizes the sale of these city-owned properties, and would allow sale to be executed by the mayor and city manager.

Resolution #14, 2020: Setting the Mill Levy

As a formality, the City of Delta is required to set a mill levy each year for defraying the costs of government. With that, the mill levy is zero mills. The resolution was approved.

Partners Duckied Fundraiser

As previously explained in the last meeting briefs from Nov. 3, Delta witnessed a presentation from Partners Mentoring Youth regarding its “Duckied” fundraiser, in which it takes donations to cover a requested person’s yard in rubber ducks and a picket sign to let them know they’ve been “duckied.”

Council approved a $250 donation to allow Partners Mentoring Youth to “ducky” some yards, though it kept the identity of these targets under wraps. Mayor Nathan Clay called the motion “one of the funnest things that’s ever been moved.”

Members of the community can request people to be “duckied” as well. They just have to call 970-874-4661 to set it up. The cost is $1 per duck with a minimum of 25 ducks.

Centennial Park Update

The city manager report states that improvements to Centennial Park, which utilizes the TABOR refund is “well underway.” The murals are complete, the new fire escape has been ordered and will be installed in the next few weeks. After that point, the lights will be installed and the furniture will be brought in.

Delta Police Department Report

The Delta Police Department reported 542 total calls from Oct. 28 through Nov. 12 at 9 a.m. This included 16 arrests and seven summons.

Parks and Recreation Report

The trail and signage around Fort Uncompahgre are now complete. The Delta Parks Department is now looking into the Inspire Grant to see if funds are left over to put a cedar split fence along the trail where it is next to the Lion’s Pavilion parking lot.

Parks department reported that another part time employee was lost to a different full time position, which is an ongoing problem that may lead to the elimination of part time positions for fewer full time positions.

The wellness pool in Bill Heddles Recreation Center is up and running again due to the plumber being able to bypass the bad part while waiting for a replacement to arrive.

The Delta County Health Department gave its permission to move forward with the youth basketball program under the same rules that the volleyball program had. Numbers may have to be cut back if there’s an outbreak.

Attendance at the rec center is still reportedly bad.

Golf Report

Devil’s Thumb Golf Course is reportedly seeing a good number of players for this time in the year.

Looking forward to next year, the main computer that runs the irrigating of the course is going to need replacing.

Public Works Report

The Delta Police Department facility study kicked off on Nov. 4. Administration from the Delta PD has been working with the consulting professionals to review goals, vision, facts and needs.

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