By Lisa Young

Staff writer

Delta County, like much of America, was in complete and utter shock to see what unfolded in our Nation’s Capital on Wednesday afternoon. We know that election offices across America work tirelessly to uphold the incredibly crucial charge of ensuring our democracy through elections.

“We have always maintained our complete and total faith in the election results here in Delta County and in Colorado,” said Commissioner Mark Roeber. “We have the absolute best team in place with Teri Stephenson, Rene Loy Maas and Melinda Sanford to ensure the validity and accuracy of votes cast by all Delta County residents.”

“We are absolutely disgusted by the violence that took place yesterday,” said Commissioner Don Suppes, “While we whole-heartedly believe in the right to peacefully assemble, and will fight for that right given to us by the Constitution, violence and destruction of property is never the answer, and will not be condoned.”

“We are all Americans, first and foremost,” said Commissioner Mike Lane, “While we may not all agree, the events of yesterday were not acceptable, they were criminal; we will never be on the side of hatred for our County or our Country.”

Our hope is that we can get past this stain on American history, and find a way to work together for a better tomorrow, for our future generations.

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