Delta Brick and Climate Company is among six start-up companies in the region that will be featured in “The Flyers,” a new podcast series by Startup Colorado.

While the state is gaining worldwide recognition as a hub for startup growth, how much of that attention is focused on rural communities? Through The Flyovers, Startup Colorado will turn the spotlight to founders farther off the beaten path.

Launched Oct. 28, The Flyovers will release a new episode every other week. The series will cover startups within the outdoor industry, environmental reclamation, cannabis, agriculture and manufacturing; as well as a discussion about the innovative power of rural communities.

Episode five, “Climate Change Needs a Cocktail,” tells the story of how the founder of the Delta Brick and Climate Company is cleaning up the Paonia Reservoir and creating a product everyone can use. The North Fork-based company seeks to utilize sediment that has accumulated in the Paonia Reservoir and heat from methane gas waste from the nearby coal mines to create ceramics. This sediment can be made into a valuable clay that can be heated to create products such as bricks, tiles, greenhouse gas offsets and even artistic pieces.

By using waste gas as a heat source to fire the clay sediment, Delta Brick and Climate Company is addressing irrigation resilience and air quality while creating sustainable building materials.

Episode two, “Black Sheep Rule the World,” features Lane Willson, founder of the popular bikepacking company Oveja Negra in Salida. In episode three, “Colorado Is Still Cowboy Country,” Faith Ranch Fencing founder Ray Lyons proves that startups happen everywhere and that the innovations that emerge from necessity will captivate your bottom line, your heart and your soul.

Episode four, “Ski Bums and Photographers Dream Big, Too,” goes into how the Steamboat Springs HempFoundry is inspiring a cannabis industry cluster.

The final episode, “The ‘Keep Goings’ Matter,” tells how the founder of StoneAge Waterblast Tools, a one-time startup, has harnessed the ability to “keep going.”

“In the perfectly messy world of startups, this series aims to show us that Colorado’s next wave of rural entrepreneurs is a diverse set of characters, deeply committed to place,” said Delaney Keating, managing director of Startup Colorado.

The Flyovers is hosted by Alan Wartes, a writer, musician and digital media producer based in Gunnison. Through his discussions with entrepreneurs, Wartes reveals the challenges, opportunities, and chiefly, the importance of founding a business in a rural community.

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