Kevin Fischer and Diane Dockter

(l-r) Kevin Fischer and Diane Dockter with their Healing Hands Awards

The Delta Health Volunteer Chaplains held their second annual Delta Health Chaplain’s St. Luke’s Chaplain Service Recognition Awards on Nov. 7 to honor and recognize healthcare workers who go above and beyond showing compassion to patients, families and employees.

The awards are inspired by St. Luke, regarded as the author of the methodically detailed Biblical books of Luke and Acts and presumably educated as a physician. St. Luke is celebrated as the pinnacle of the Christian healing ministry. The award honors caregivers, nurses, physicians and hospital staff who go above and beyond in their care and in their work of healing the mind, body and spirit.

The seven nominees this year were: Melissa Palmer, Shane Clausen, Manuel Delgado, Peter Brown, Dr. Matthew Lebsack, Kevin Fischer and Diane Dockter.

The Delta Health Volunteer Chaplains recognize these nominees who: go over and above showing compassion to patients, families, and employees; any staff who promotes a healing environment and process; meets patients and staff where they are at and uses their faith and calling as a service to others.

Of the seven nominees, the Chaplains selected two winners to receive the Healing Hands statue/award: Diane Dockter and Kevin Fischer.

“Kevin is one of the most committed people I have ever had the privilege to work with,” wrote Huffman in her nomination for Kevin Fischer. “Kevin recently agreed to manage not only the Cardio-Pulmonary Department but also the Radiology Department. He is a natural leader who leads with strength but also with gentle humility.”

In Huffman’s letter, she talks of an encounter she had with Fischer where he talked about how his faith influences his calling to serve others. “I try never to lose sight of the fact that the patients are why we are here. The first thing I do every morning is to reestablish my commitment to my ‘service heart’.”

Dockter was nominated by her staff at the West Elk Hotchkiss Clinic who wrote about her commitment to the clinic and making changes to help with the flow to better serve the community.

“Diane has been a positive role [model] for all of us,” wrote the clinic staff. “Her door is always open. Patient care and team building have been a priority. When your clerical and clinical staff are working together it builds strength for each individual and the group as a whole. Doing this increases the quality of care patients receive and increases patient satisfaction.”

During the ceremony, Matt Heyn, Delta Health President and Chief Executive Officer, presented the volunteer Chaplains with rock cairns; a symbol of their work as guides to the patients at Delta Health.

“For centuries, Cairns have guided travelers along their journey; marking trails and bringing peace of mind to travelers,” said Heyn. “These perplexing rock piles may seem like a piece of visual art, yet their purpose is more complex. They represent guidance and reassurance – which is what our volunteer Chaplains provide our patients, family members and employees.”

Patients often come to Delta Health with heavy hearts and are weighted with concerns and worries well beyond the illness or injuries the staff is caring for. Heyn said that the chaplains have become a guide, helping patients to find peace through spiritual connection.

The second annual St. Luke’s Chaplain Service Awards were a great reminder of the compassionate, quality care that the volunteer chaplains continue to provide. It was also a way to honor the staff of Delta Health for their work in providing remarkable care in a healing environment. To learn more about the volunteer chaplains at Delta Health, visit or call 970.874.7681.

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