The seventh annual Delta County Memorial Hospital (DCMH) “Holiday Food Fight” was a huge success. Hospital departments competed in five teams to see who could donate the most food, toiletries and pet food for local food banks, with close to 3,900 pounds donated this year.

The food donations were allocated to: Cedaredge Food Bank, Delta Food Bank, the Abraham Connection, the Hotchkiss Elks Food Pantry, Paonia Food Bank, Tails Animal Shelter and the Surface Creek Animal Shelter.

Contributions came from all five hospital teams with the overall winner being team four: Cardiopulmonary, Respiratory Sleep Lab, Home Health, Information Systems, Medical Records, Physician Billing and Radiology with 1,640 pounds of donated food.

​“Thank you to all of our hospital staff, the local food banks, and shelters” said Gretchen Pulver who, along with PJ Barajas, Co-Manages Nutrition Services at DCMH. “My favorite part of the holiday season is definitely the food drive. There are so many wonderful people working hard behind the scenes to make this community project a success.”

DCMH also partnered with Hilltop to “adopt” seven local area families who have been affected by domestic violence. Employees donated various items from toys to gift cards for families.

It was a great season of giving back to the Delta County community and helping to bring people together for the holidays.

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