Hannah Owens

Hannah Owens

A Delta woman is suspected of wounding her mother Sunday when she reportedly fired a shot at other people, whom she had threatened.

Hannah Owens, 21, was held on suspicion of attempted murder, first-degree assault, reckless endangerment and other allegations. Formal charges are pending.

Bond was set at $30,000 Monday afternoon. A bond hearing is set for July 29.

The shooting brought Delta Police Department officers to an address on 1550 Road on Sunday morning, where they found Owens’ boyfriend standing in the street, a phone in his hand and a revolver at his feet.

The man told Sgt. Stephen Furstenfeld that Owens had fired the gun and that the bullet went through the window of the home, where it struck Owens’ mother in the leg.

The witness reported Owens had gone to the home earlier in the morning to see her mother and retrieve some items, when she encountered men she did not know. He said Owens told him the men wanted to fight her, and that made him angry “because I am her man and I can’t have guys talking to her like that,” Owens’ arrest affidavit says.

The man added: “I came down here and I brought my gun because I don’t know these guys, and we need it just in case, for protection.”

According to the affidavit, two men came out of the home and began fighting him and Owens “freaked out,” took the gun and fired a shot.

The witness also said everything got crazy and he called police. “I didn’t want this to happen and I don’t know what kind of trouble I’m in,” he reportedly said.

Furstenfeld had already been en route to the residence, because one of the two men inside had called to allege Owens had harassed him by pouring oil on him as he slept on the couch, and keyed his van. Owens allegedly admitted to scratching the vehicle because she was angry.

The two men told Furstenfeld that Owens’ boyfriend came over and fought with them and then, per the affidavit: “Hannah was there pointing the gun at both of them. (They) said Hannah scared them and they thought she was going to shoot them.”

Owens allegedly told them in crude terms to leave or she would shoot.

They ran toward the house, heard the gun go off, and then saw Owens’ mother bleeding. One of the men tried to put a tourniquet on her leg.

Owens’ mother was taken to the hospital, where on Monday she was in stable condition, according to the DPD.

Furstenfeld arrested Owens on suspicion of attempted murder, saying it was because she “took a substantial step” toward committing the crime by getting the revolver, approaching the two men and telling them she was going to shoot.

“Hannah deliberated and had the intent to cause the death of a person by deciding to grab the loaded revolver … walking up the driveway to where the fight was occurring, pointing the loaded revolver at (the men) and stated her intent to cause death,” Furstenfeld wrote in the affidavit.

“Hannah followed through with her statement by shooting at the victims, hitting her mother instead.”

Owens was also held on suspicion of first-degree assault causing serious bodily injury.

Furstenfeld also detained Owens on suspicion of felony menacing, saying she had pointed a weapon at the two men. Her alleged conduct also endangered the two men, her mother and her boyfriend, so she was also held on suspicion of reckless endangerment. Because of her relationship with her boyfriend and because she allegedly endangered him, she is accused of domestic violence.

Owens is suspected of criminal mischief over the scratched van and bullet-damaged window; of harassment for allegedly pouring oil onto one of the men. She is further suspected of illegally discharging a firearm by firing it into a dwelling.

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