Delta Public Library elevator

The current elevator at the Delta Public Library. For the last several years the elevator has broken down periodically — sometimes resulting in stuck visitors. Delta City Council approved contributing 50% towards the expense of a replacement.

Over the last several years, the elevator at the Delta Public Library has been known to break down randomly, resulting in stuck visitors. Although it’s passed certifications, staff reportedly won’t use it and newer wheelchairs don’t fit inside.

In an August city council work session, Delta City Council discussed library capital needs with the Delta County Public Libraries. Replacement of the Delta branch elevator came up, and it was requested that the expense be shared on a 50/50 basis with the city in 2019.

Council approved this request in a follow-up regular session, allocating a contribution of up to 50%, not to exceed $36,000, for the anticipated $56,000 total expense.

“There’s no warning to when it goes out,” said Delta County Public Libraries District Director Lea Hart. “In order to maintain an elevator in the Delta Library we need to completely modernize it.”

She said in 2018 they recorded over 71,000 visits to the Delta branch, demonstrating a need to ensure the elevator works properly. Universal parts have been guaranteed for this project to ensure future repairs.

“We’ve taken the time and effort to find what we feel is a reasonable modernization for our elevator,” she said.

Per the lease agreement between the city and library district, the city is responsible for the proper repair and maintenance of the outside of the building and its structural integrity. The library building, its fixtures and appurtenances are city property. While the lease doesn’t necessarily include the elevator, the library feels it’s important to the city and staff.

The city’s contribution will come from the City Wide Capital Improvement Fund. Completion on this project his hoped to be this year.

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