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The City of Delta has a plan in place to vote a new comprehensive plan into effect at the end of this year, but they’re leading up to that point in a modern fashion.

Delta is taking community input online, on a website called “Delta Unleashed!” The public can access this at

Delta Unleashed! shows the timeline of preparing the new comp plan, gives details on how that plan is going so far and shows items that the community has already expressed as important.

In order to clarify, the site describes a comprehensive plan as “a framework and guide for accomplishing community aspirations and intentions. It states goals and objectives and recommends courses of action for future growth and development of land, public facilities and services, and environmental protection.”

According to Public Works Director Betsy Suerth, a city’s comprehensive plan is a required state document that is supposed to be updated at least every 10 years. However, the plan the city currently has in place is from 2008. The City of Delta applied for a grant to update the plan in late 2018 but was ultimately denied the money, Suerth said. This caused a delay until now. Delta is now proceeding with a grant from the Department of Local Affairs (DOLA).

Residents can go to and give input online, as comprehensive plans are meant to be a vision from the community.

So far, the community has noted that some of Delta’s greatest assets are its “fabulous weather,” location, agricultural heritage, small town feel and artistic influence. It’s greatest needs include attainable and affordable housing, permanent employment opportunities and crime reduction and prevention.

The comprehensive plan has more power than just being suggestions for the city council, Suerth said, as the land use part of the municipal code is required to be in line with the community’s comprehensive plan. “Many land use decisions” have to match the plan, Suerth said.

Currently, the comprehensive plan is in phase 2, which is the public outreach phase. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 outbreak, all outreach events have been cancelled.

The plan shows a move into the development phase in August-October and the adoption phase in November-December. Due to COVID-19, these time estimates could change.

After the updated comprehensive plan is adopted, the Delta Unleashed! website will be deactivated and the newly current comprehensive plan will move to the City of Delta’s website at

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