Delta County Libraries welcomes newest hire

Tracy Ihnot

I'd like to introduce our newest hire, our Communications and Outreach Administrator, Tracy Ihnot," Delta County Libraries district director Lea Hart declared at a recent meeting of the board of trustees. Welcoming words erupt from around the table, although they are mostly formalities, as Ihnot already knows many of the trustees and did not hesitate to introduce herself to the others before the meeting.

An outgoing and motivated person, Ihnot comfortably steps forward to introduce herself to strangers and makes easy conversation with those she knows. She enjoys interactions with people, saying, "My passion has always been in working with people and trying to use my skills and abilities to make a positive impact."

Ihnot has refined this natural drive in past jobs working with the Delta County School District, serving as a volunteer board member for the Hotchkiss Chamber of Commerce, writing for a local newspaper and, most recently, offering her administrative skills in a local investment office. Her varied experience is well-suited to success in a job that requires a strong combination of organization, creativity and communication. The communications and outreach administrator will be responsible for working with Delta County Libraries staff to make new connections, improve existing partnerships, increase public awareness of library programming and opportunities, and much more.

"We feel Tracy's work history has prepared her well for the role she will fill in the libraries. We envision her spending a good deal of time out working with our communities," explains Hart. "We are looking to strengthen our link with many local groups and the schools, finding ways in which our libraries can better meet the needs of residents by getting out of our buildings. We are delighted to have Tracy here to pursue these objectives with us."

For her part, Ihnot is also looking forward to making a difference, saying, "I cannot begin to express how excited I am to be working with the Delta County Libraries. The libraries are such an asset to our community and it is my goal to expand on the strong foundation that already exists. As the communications and outreach administrator, I will be dedicated to making sure the people of Delta County have easy access to information about all of the amazing resources that are available through our libraries."

It is clear that both Hart and Ihnot are eager to start a new partnership at the Delta County Libraries, but they may not be quite as excited as Ihnot's 5-year-old son, who is, according to Ihnot, "thrilled that his mommy is going to work at the library!"

Ihnot is a mother, a homeowner, a musician, a gardener, an outdoor enthusiast, a reader, and an 18-year resident of Colorado, all attributes that will help her to relate to Delta County library patrons. Her band recently graced the stage at the Paonia Library's Music in the Amphitheater series and is scheduled to play in other county venues this summer.

Likely leaving her band at home, Ihnot will also travel throughout Delta County as she finds a rhythm in her job. She will be based out of the Hotchkiss Library administrative offices, where patrons and organizations are welcome to reach out to her.


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