On Saturday, June 29, at approximately 2 p.m., an officer of the Delta Police Department received information concerning a 12-year-old juvenile male being bitten by a dog in the 600 block of Silver Street.

The owner of the dog was notified and the dog was placed in quarantine. Code enforcement was advised of the incident. This incident resulted in the dog owner, Sylvia Marie Fantin, 32, of Delta being issued a ticket for alleged vicious animal and city animal license required.

Officers of the Delta Police Department, to include animal control/code enforcement, have responded to this address on numerous occasions. At least seven incidents have resulted in the owner/occupants of the residence being cited for alleged vicious animals and other animal related city code violations.

An animal owner may be cited for vicious animal if the animal they own, have control over or are responsible for, inflicts an injury on a human being that involves a break to the skin which may be contaminated with saliva from the animal. The offending animal is placed on 10-day quarantine (isolated confinement) for observation of specific health symptoms relating to rabies, a virus fatal to humans.

While it is believed certain breeds of dogs are more aggressive than others, all dogs are physically capable of biting and injuring a person. All dogs in the city are required by Municipal Code 6.04.030 to be vaccinated against rabies. Rabies vaccinations must be administered by a licensed veterinarian.


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