In a special meeting of the board of trustees for the Delta County Public Library District on Nov. 4, the trustees voted to place district director Annette Choszczyk on administrative leave, effective immediately.

Board president Laura Earley declined to provide any details, saying she and fellow board members are committed to protecting employee privacy.

Lea Hart, one of two regional managers for the library district, has been named interim director.

The next board meeting is Wednesday, Nov. 18, in Paonia, and it is open to the public, Earley said. At that time, the minutes of the Nov. 4 meeting are expected to be approved. They will then be posted on the library website at

Earley also confirmed that John Gavan, the library's IT director, resigned after the board's Nov. 4 action.

Earley said the library board is comprised of hardworking individuals who are passionate about the libraries. Their top priority is to protect and improve the libraries, which Earley called the "treasures of our communities."


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