Progress was made at the May 22 meeting of the Delta County Planning Commission on the specific development application of Jared Graff Enterprises, LLC for Best Rock, Sand & Gravel Pit 1.

Ben Langenfeld, P.E., of Greg Lewicki and Associates, shared information from discussions with neighbors who live along G Road, with the City of Delta, and further feedback from Delta County officials.

Regarding City of Delta's sewer line and Confluence Lake, which lies just east of the proposed gravel pit:

1) Prior to mining below the water table within 1,000 feet of Confluence Lake, the operator will provide the City of Delta with a hydrological analysis of the area groundwater regime with respect to potential impacts due to dewatering with the pit. This analysis will be conducted by a third-party engineer.

2) No mining will occur within 100 feet of the City of Delta sewer line. Mining along the sewer line path will be to a slope of 4H:IV, or shallower. Upon completion of mining this slope, riprap armoring will be installed as shown on Map C-4 Slope Armoring.

3) Prior to any excavation within 500 feet of the City of Delta sewer line, the sewer line and associated setbacks will be marked in the field.

4) Jared Graff Enterprises will institute a three-strike system for all haul trucks leaving the site. For first complaint of excessive speed or dangerous driving, a warning will be given. A second infraction will lead to the driver being suspended from driving onto the site for two years. A third infraction will lead to a lifetime ban for the driver. The operator will provide a report of all complaints received.

Graff visited personally with his neighbors after the April 24 meeting of the planning commission. Only four neighbors spoke at the May 22 meeting. All were in support of the gravel pit while expressing considerable concern about traffic.

Andy Crawford said the traffic will be "horrendous" and the current road system cannot accommodate the expected amount of truck traffic over the next 30 to 50 years. He said the City of Delta needs to limit traffic headed west.

Martha Mira said the current traffic onto Graff Road is terrible and the road is too narrow for the increase in traffic. She said the city and the state need to address traffic at Highway 348 and Confluence Drive.

Virgie Ramos expressed concern with the road and how close it is to their house. "The entry to the road is horrible," she said.

Luis Ramos agreed, noting that the dust and mud created by the traffic is "really a mess."

Luke Fedler, Delta chief of police, was present representing Delta. He is also a nearby resident. Fedler agreed that the neighbors' concerns are valid, stating that 19 cars were backed up at the intersection recently. He called for a traffic study.

Planning commission members discussed the neighbors' concerns and other matters that will be dealt with at their meeting in June -- hours of operation, the condition of Graff Road, whether a stoplight is needed at Hwy. 348 and Confluence Drive, screening between Graff Road and the houses on the road, screening between the pit and Confluence Park, and traffic study.

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