On May 22, City of Delta parks supervisor Tony Bohling posted the following on Facebook: "Starting today (5/22) the Bureau of Reclamation will begin ramping up the flow of the Gunnison River from the Aspinall Unit dams until a target flow of 14,350 cfs is reached. That will be the same amount of water that caused flooding in Confluence Park in 2017. This flow will be held at that level for 10 days which means the heaviest flooding will take place between June 1 and approximately June 12. Because of the high flow, please consider not using the trails in Confluence Park during this time. We don't have the ability to close off all access because of the size of the area, but warning signs will be set up. The swinging bridge will be raised and fenced off starting this Friday. I expect that we will see the same amount of damage that we saw in 2017 ... we will do our best to complete any needed repairs by early fall. Water will be on approximately 2,000 feet of Confluence Trail ... please use caution."

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