Do you know how old Deltarado Days is?

Delta County Museum Agriculture has long been showcased during Deltarado Days as evidenced in this photo of the parade, circa 1955 to 1958.

At the May 18 Delta City Council meeting, Mitchell Gronenthal, executive director of the Delta Area Chamber of Commerce (DACC), brought the council up to date on the quickly forming plans for Deltarado Days this summer.

Firstly, as previously determined, the four-day event will take place from July 22-25, which is Thursday-Sunday. Traditional elements such as the Vendor Village will take place at Confluence Park. Whereas they previously took place at Cleland Park, they have been moved for at least this year with spacing in mind and the idea that DACC can utilize the larger footprint at Confluence.

“We are in full swing of having that event,” Gronenthal said.

However, with that being said, one larger change stood out as one of some significance.

“One big change that we’ve had to do this year is, unfortunately, the Round Up Arena is available to us but is going to cost us way more than we truly can afford, so we are moving the rodeo portion of Deltarado Days to Hotchkiss," Gronenthal said. "We’re excited about it, we think it’ll draw more of a crowd. It’ll have bigger stands, more room to be able to just have everybody there.”

Councilman Kevin Carlson later brought up his concerns with the piece of Deltarado Days happening elsewhere, asking whether the decision was final and whether the local Delta area would be able to be tied in.

“Are we doing anything for our local businesses to try and promote them?” Carlson asked, pointing out that sending people down to Hotchkiss’s businesses and restaurants is going to cut down on some of the revenue the City of Delta enjoys as a side benefit of Deltarado Days. “Are we going to do anything to kind of keep that from happening instead of sending our tax dollars to Hotchkiss? Nothing against Hotchkiss but it’s Deltarado Days, not Hotchkiss-rado Days.”

Gronenthal said that, while there’s no way to ensure that people will go to Hotchkiss just for the rodeo, all the sponsors for the event are still local to Delta.

Gronenthal also laid out a new Deltarado Days feature, which was that of an art show, along with a quilt show. The art show is expected to bring in over 100 participants and the quilt show already has the attention of approximately 55 quilters.

“We are super excited about that and we are planning on taking over all of Confluence Park this year for that reason,” Gronenthal said.

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