Delta High School’s (DHS) Hope Week will take place from March 2 to March 6, with theme days and events leading up to a community dodgeball tournament. The event is sponsored in part by Delta FFA, Youth City Council, Kidz Clinic, Delta Christian Church, Grace Community, HopeWest and Young Life.

“Hope Week is dedicated to spreading the message of hope, help & strength and to support each other as we go through the good times and tough times,” stated Delta High School.

While the event is hosted by the high school, the entire community is encouraged to participate and help spread the message.

“The general idea of Hope Week is to encourage unity, and the overall message is that everyone belongs, and we are all part of a big family!” said Emma Wise, member of DHS Student Council and coordinator of the event. “Planning the event has definitely been so fun, and so rewarding because I have been able to help organize something that spreads love and positivity.”

Monday’s theme is Self Care (wear comfortable and/or favorite clothes), Tuesday’s is Shine Through (wear yellow to represent “breaking the silence when someone is struggling/connecting friends to help”), Wednesday’s is Stronger Together (wear pink or camouflage for cancer awareness and military support), Thursday’s is Lean on Me (wear orange for anti-bullying) and Friday’s is Stories of Strength (wear green to show Delta unity).

“I hope that Hope Week will help unite the students and staff of DHS, and I hope that students realize that they matter and that they are loved,” Wise said. “I believe that Hope Week will also strongly impact the community of Delta County because this week stands for something so inspiring and incredible; I know that others will want to be a part of this wonderful event!”

The week’s assembly will be held at 1:30 p.m. on March 4, where the school will have events such as Sources of Strength, the Mr. Panther competition, dodgeball, video making and more. Community members are encouraged to prepare for the community dodgeball tournament on March 4 by registering online.

“My hopes for the future of this event is that it becomes a huge deal, and that it will inspire other communities to have similar events,” Wise said. “I hope that Hope Week can be a source of strength for the Delta County community, and I hope that everyone feels the love from each other during that special week!”

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