Joslyn Carpenter and Alyssa Bayles pose with the Delta High School counselors. The flower arrangements, seen in the photo, was made by the floriculture team from FFA. FFA wanted to thank the counselors for supporting the students at DHS.

Editor’s note: This article has been written by Delta High School students. Throughout the school year, these students will contribute about one story a week to DCI. More student work can be viewed on the school’s publication website deltapawprint.com. If you have a suggestion for a topic to be covered, email editor@deltacountyindependent.com.

During the month of November, Delta High School participated in the 11 for 11 campaign. This campaign involved classes, advisories or clubs at the high school giving back to the community.

The senior vice president Olivia Santonastaso, described the 11 for 11 campaign as a “challenge for our school to show their kindness in the month of November.” At least 11 clubs or organizations adopt a group in the community to show gratitude. Santonastaso said that this campaign has happened for the past three years.

Delta FFA gave back to the community by having the floriculture team make flower centerpieces for the administration and counselors. The DHS journalism staff created a basket full of goodies and gave it to the Delta library. Student council created “turkey hands” with positive feedback for every student. Student council also brought the Delta Middle School student council pizza. One morning, Key Club handed out candy to the student body as they walked through the door.

Other clubs and the organizations helped out included: Hosa helped watch kids at Bela; National Honor Society visited the elderly at Willow Tree; ambassadors thanked the prison staff; the girls’ basketball team thanked the elementary schools; boys’ basketball team gave thanks to the Delta Police Department; and Gear Up thanked the Delta Food Pantry.

Emma Corbasson, student council public relations representative, felt that they had an “okay turnout.”

“Last year I felt like there was more awareness that the 11 for 11 was happening and this year there just wasn’t enough advertising,” said Corbasson.

Corbasson added that to better advertise this campaign student council should, “have STUCO members go around to advisory classes and explain what they can do for 11 for 11 and maybe make a competition out of it.”

More than 15 clubs, athletic teams and/or classes took part in this campaign. Student council also encouraged any student who is not involved in any extracurricular activities or are in any of the classes that took part in this campaign to “do something nice for someone in your life!”

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