By Lucas Vader

Staff Writer

The business that was previously the Shell gas station on the south end of Eckert had an extensive makeover, and its grand opening was Feb. 29. Almost immediately, it was unfortunately born into the unprecedented environment of the Coronavirus crisis.

The convenience store building, dubbed “The Apple Barrel,” was purchased by Chris Volgamore and family on Jan. 4. It was then remodeled into a multi-business center that houses T’s Too Grill (a second location of T’s Grill on Cedaredge Main Street), Hunt Brothers Pizza and Jodi’s Jive Espresso Bar. Of course, the building also features a regular gas station convenience store.

T’s Too Grill and Jodi’s Jive owners leased the space from the Volgamores, while Hunt Brothers Pizza is an exclusive added bonus to the Apple Barrel.

Gas stations are essential businesses during the stay-at-home order, while the businesses involved with the Apple Barrel are complying to restrictions via take-out options. In fact, T’s Too Grill has a stand outside the convenience store where employees are selling food on the fly.

The newly rejuvenated gas station and convenience store is open for business, selling convenience items, coffee, pizza and more for the local community and travelers who are passing by.

Those interested in ordering food to go, can do so by calling 970-{span}835-3700.

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