The Delta County Elections closed to voters Tuesday evening and, according to the election site, the unofficial results are in. Delta County citizens voted against every ballot issue except 2A. (See the second half of this article for details on each ballot issue.)

Election results

Linda Ewing was elected as the Board of Education Director for District 2. Beth Suppes was elected for District 3 and Dan Burke was elected for District 4.

Proposition CC failed, with 7,060 votes against it out of 11,053 total votes (63.87 percent). Proposition DD also failed, with 6,654 votes against it out of 11,058 (60.17 percent).

Ballot Issue 1A, the “Back the Badge” initiative failed, with 5,638 votes against it out of 11,049 (51.03 percent).

City of Delta Referred Measure 2A, Black Hills energy agreement, passed, with 1,328 votes in favor of it out of 2,322 (57.06 percent).

Initiative 5A, the school district transportation mill levy, failed, with 6,323 votes against it out of 11,028 (57.34 percent). Initiatives 6A and 6B, the mill levy for the fire district, failed with 1,940 votes out of 3,768 (51.49 percent) and 2,220 votes out of 3,757 (59.09 percent) against them, respectively. Initiative 7A, the library mill levy, failed, with 6,224 votes against it out of 11,080 (56.17 percent).

The Delta government Facebook page commented on the failure of the “Back the Badge” initiative, posting, “We are deeply disappointed that the Public Safety ballot measure did not pass. We’d like to thank the many individuals who worked hard in this election, we truly appreciate your support!” They go on to state that all Delta County law enforcement remains committed to the safety and welfare of citizens.

The Delta County Libraries also commented on its Facebook page, posting, “We are deeply saddened by the outcome of the election but we are committed to providing the best possible library services for Delta County within the constraints that we have. It is clear that, at this time, the voters of Delta County do not support maintaining and expanding library services in Delta County. In the months to come, we will be further reducing hours, services and programs.” Effective Dec. 1, each Delta County Library will close for a full day of service and there will be significant cuts to programs for each age group, budget for books and digital resources, and cuts to technology and building maintenance.

Details on ballot issues

Proposition CC would allow the state to retain tax excess revenue that otherwise would be refunded to taxpayers under TABOR. Proposition DD authorizes sports betting in Colorado and creates a 10% tax on those conducting the betting.

Ballot Issue 1A, Delta County Public Safety Improvements Sales Tax, or “Back the Badge,” authorizes a 1% county sales tax increase on taxable transactions, excepting farm equipment and pesticides, generating an estimated $29 million in annual revenues to be divided among agencies: Delta County Sheriff’s Office, 48% ($1.392 million); Delta Police Department, 31% ($899,000); Cedaredge and Paonia police departments and Hotchkiss Marshal’s office, 7%, or $203,000 annually.

City of Delta Referred Measure 2A renews the franchise agreement between Black Hills Energy and the City of Delta and grants Black Hills Energy use of City of Delta public infrastructure for natural gas delivery.

5A, 6A and 7A are property tax mill levy increases: 5A approves an increase of 1.5 mills, approximately $576,000 for Delta County School District 50J transportation needs in 2020, with an eight-year sunset; 6B increases Delta County Fire Protection District (DCFPD) No. 3 property tax by 1.5 mills, or $102,007; 7A requests an increase of 2.75 mills to generate approximately $874,972 in annual operating revenue for the Delta County Public Library District.

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