Cedaredge Community United Methodist Church (stock)

Cedaredge Community United Methodist Church.

According to a recent press release, the Cedaredge Community United Methodist Church began a four-week virtual class on Monday, titled “Enhancing Your Prayer Life.”

Though week one of four is already over, Reverend Joe Agne of the church said people can still join for the remaining three weeks. They are at 6 p.m. for the following three Mondays.

The series is being led by Bob Anders.

“Many of us pray, yet there may be times when we want more out of our prayer life,” Anders said in the press release. “Readings, videos, and reflective questions will help explore various avenues for enriching our prayer lives.”

Anders is teaching with the text “Learning to Pray” by Fr. James Martin, SJ. Those who want to follow along must order their own version of the text, whether in hard copy or digital form, but it is not required for participation.

The topics are “What is Prayer” and “Why Pray,” the press release said, going on to state that this was Monday’s topic.

The topic this upcoming Monday, June 14, will be “Beginning a friendship with God” and “Everyone Needs Some Help.”

The topic on June 21 is to be ““Rote and Other Formal Prayers” and “Praying with Sacred Texts.”

Finally, on June 28, the scheduled topics are “Topics in Prayer” and “Moving to Action.”

Anyone interested in joining these 6 p.m. Monday classes that remain can contact Agne at revagne@gmail.com to connect virtually and for more information.

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