At approximately 7:08 p.m. Friday, Aug. 16, Delta Sheriff deputies responded to an address on Dry Creek Circle for report of a 4-year-old male who had fallen into a pool. Emergency respondents, the Sheriff’s Office and Delta County Ambulance EMS responded. The young boy was out of the water and CPR was being performed. EMS transported the boy to the hospital.

“These kinds of things are a little bit touchy, there’s no reason for us to believe it’s anything but a horrific and accidental drowning. But that is something we need to confirm so that there’s no questions,” said Delta County Sheriff Mark Taylor. “We’ve been given a little bit of time for the family members to get a grip on what’s happened until we make contact with them. So we haven’t really done anything with it other than the initial call.”

This is the second drowning to occur in Delta in the past two weeks. On Aug. 8, the Delta Police Department responded to a residence in the 600 block of Riley Lane on a report of a person stuck in a ditch. Sheila Carpenter, 55, was pronounced deceased at the scene. Both cases remain under investigation, according to the Delta County Coroner’s Office.

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