Kenneth Alan Gallob, the suspect arrested for stabbing a person with a knife in Cedaredge on Aug. 25, has received five charges against him from the Delta District Attorney after the case was transferred to the D.A. from the Cedaredge Police Department. Gallob also received a court date of 10 a.m. Oct. 28. His bail bond is set at $7,500.

Gallob’s charges are a class three felony of theft of an at-risk victim, a class five felony of first degree aggravated motor vehicle theft, a class four felony of second degree perjury, a class three misdemeanor of theft and a class six felony of violation of bail bond conditions.

A detailed report from the D.A.’s office is still confidential at this time.

The affidavit from the Delta County Combined Courts stated that Gallob had allegedly stabbed the victim and that a “large knife” had been found at the scene. The case later unfolded as a dispute over a borrowed vehicle, with the vehicle’s owner being the stabbing victim.

According to the affidavit, the victim had a wounded leg, defensive wounds and a chest wound. The victim received medical treatment.

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