By Lucas Vader

Staff Writer

This summer more than any other, people are looking for activities to get them away from home. Over the course of the last week, golf pro Ira Kramer has publicized summer plans for the Cedaredge Golf Club, including continued free public lessons and the start of the summer’s first golf camp for youths.

According to Kramer, the group lessons, which are from 5:30-6:30 p.m., can only have 10 people at a time, and reservations in advance are required. The capacity is almost always at its max.

As of Friday, Kramer started a separate group for juniors (ages 4-18).

“I’ve had a lot of success with the adults,” Kramer said, “and I have a lot of camps and a lot of youth stuff going on, so I wanted to add that really for kids who might not be able to afford to get lessons or get in camps. I’m running that all summer long.”

For either lesson, participants meet Ira at the driving range at the club. The lessons are fully public, meaning he’s teaching all ten participants at once, but it’s a hands-on hour.

“What we do every week is we do a little wedge work and then some [wood] and then we tie into driving towards the end, but we mix it up,” Kramer said.

Kramer constantly talks about golf as a group-oriented and social hobby, indicating the boundless friendly competition of hitting balls around on the course.

In regards to the lessons, Kramer said “It’s really to provide an introduction and a social aspect of it, so a lot of beginners, especially older people, they shy away from instruction a little for whatever the reason, so I’ve always offered free instruction.”

Kramer came to Cedaredge to manage the local club in April this year, but he brought his passion for free lessons and camps along with him.

The junior camps were announced on the Cedaredge Golf Club Facebook page Friday, with several two to three day camps available.

Each of these camps have the option of morning only or all day, with the optional afternoon being course time among participants of the camp. The cost for a two-day camp with mornings only is $100 per participant, while the all-day two-day camp is $150. The morning-only three-day camps are $150 while the all-day three-day camps are $200.

“I’ve always been big on summer camps,” Kramer said.

The camps each run from 10 a.m.-1 p.m. for the “AM sessions” and 10 a.m.-4 p.m. for the all-day sessions, which includes a lunch that is provided to participants.

The camps each begin on Thursday and are at the following dates: July 16-18, July 23-24, July 30-31, Aug. 6-7 and Aug. 13-15. Only the first and last camps are three days.

Kramer was a high school golf coach and a U.S. Kids certified instructor. “I’m real big on helping kids kind of get ready,” he said. “You know, the hottest segment in golf is youth, and they have aspirations to compete junior golf-wise and in high school and college.”

At the top end of things, Kramer also offers his youth private coaching program, where he will coach youth one-on-one over the course of six one-hour lessons and one playing lesson. His private program comes at a cost of $249 but includes his full attention.

Anyone who wishes to contact Kramer about his events or anyone who has any questions can call Kramer at the pro shop, at 970-856-7781, or email him at

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