Gynee Thomassen

Gynee Thomassen.

After the April 7 municipal elections, Orchard City Trustee Gynee Thomassen will begin her second consecutive term on the board of trustees. As the Town of Orchard City has three candidates to fill three empty trustee seats, Thomassen is guaranteed a spot on the board.

Thomassen has lived in Orchard City since 1988. Before that, she lived in Cedaredge since 1982. She was elected to the board of trustees in 2016.

During her first term, Thomassen was part of the town’s parks committee, during which time she played a part in getting new and improved aluminum benches for the Orchard City Town Park to replace the old wooden ones.

As far as the town park is concerned, Thomassen will take part in future plans. “For the budgeted next year, we’re planning on getting some exercise equipment that’s meant for older folks,” she said.

In regards to those plans, Thomassen stated that she likes “doing things that other people can enjoy.”

Thomassen takes pride in the Orchard City Town Park and aims to improve it even further. “It’s really good now,” she said. “We have an excellent staff that does a great job maintaining it. They stay on top of everything really well, so it’s things like maintaining the buildings and the fields and that sort of thing.”

Thomassen also mentioned the water treatment plant project going on currently within Orchard City and said she would ultimately continue to play a part in that.

“And we muscled through the drought of the year before last, and that was hard on everybody,” Thomassen said.

Thomassen said she worries about the water situation every year. She and the other trustees watch the conditions on Snotel’s website, which documents snow pack.

Over her next four-year term, Thomassen said she can promise the Town of Orchard City that she will listen to them. “I always try to do my best for the town,” she said, “and if I don’t have the answer, I try to find the answer.”

“Orchard City’s a wonderful place to live,” Thomassen said. “So I don’t plan on leaving it any time soon.”

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