Cory Post Office

Cory General Store and Post Office.

By Lucas Vader

Staff Writer

In 1895, the Cory Post Office opened, according to Jim Forte Postal History. In January of this year, the Eckert Post Office, which also manages the Austin and Cory locations, announced that the Cory Post Office would close, as reported in the DCI article, ”Cory post office announces it will close in April.” That closure took place April 3 as the last of the PO Box renters found alternate methods for mail delivery.

In the end of the 19th century, the post office opened at the Cory General Store location, which now doubles as a convenience store and a gas station. Before that point, it had been at the wooden building that still stands on the corner of Highway 65 and Fairview Road.

According to a representative of the Eckert Post Office, the transition went smoothly as the Cory Post Office prepared to close. Due to the small number of post office boxes that were there, as well as the closeness to both the Eckert and Austin locations, the closure is barely making a difference on postal carries. While a few more residents who had PO boxes at the Cory location have not yet filled out change-of-address forms, the transition is otherwise complete.

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