Matt Heyn and family

Matt Heyn, MHA. and family 

Matthew Heyn, MHA will take the helm as the new Chief Executive Officer for Delta County Memorial Hospital (DCMH) starting April 6, 2020.

“The Board of Directors is excited about the addition of Matthew Heyn,” said David Lane, DCMH Board chairman. “Heyn’s extensive hospital financial and leadership experience will be a great addition to the already talented staff of the hospital.”

After graduating from the University of Texas with his bachelor of science, the Texas native with an admiration for Colorado went on to receive his master's of healthcare administration from Trinity University. Heyn started in hospital finances as a senior financial analyst and moved his way up to a chief financial officer at Rangely District Hospital in Colorado and at Central Kansas Medical Center in Great Bend, Kansas.

“From there I was the CEO for two different hospitals in Kansas, First, I was at Pawnee Valley Community Hospital in Larned, Kansas, and then AdventHealth Ottawa where I spent five and a half years. We saw growth in physician recruitment, quality scores, patient satisfaction, employee engagement and morale,” Heyn said.

Coming back to Colorado and starting as the CEO at DCMH is something that Heyn is very much looking forward to.

“In the day that I spent interviewing [in Delta County] I saw the energy that the staff brought and heard the questions they asked, I feel like everyone is hungry for engagement, culture and for growth.” said Heyn.

“Instantly it felt like a great match. When you have an organization that’s primed for those types of initiatives and that is built on a good foundation, you’ve got two of the most important ingredients necessary to take a health system to the next level.”

Heyn’s goals for DCMH will be carved out once he officially starts, but said that using insight from his career will help guide his decisions.

“What I can say is that there will be a pretty significant cultural transformation with employees to where they feel empowered and at liberty to discuss ideas on how to better care for patients. These will be aligned against organizational goals that will be developed in conjunction with the Board’s strategic plan,” he said, adding, “ The hospital’s goals should be lofty and those goals will be set in order for DCMH to reach a new level and bar that it hasn’t otherwise been raised to in the past.”

“It’s not the CEO that does it; it’s the front line employees that are making meals, passing trays and it’s the environmental service techs that are cleaning rooms and keeping us safe from things like COVID-19 and other viruses” said Heyn. “It’s those areas plus compassionate clinical care and physician leadership that helps the hospital provide remarkable care. We will likely touch on every aspect of the hospital, giving the greatest attention to the areas that need it most.”

Heyn’s family shares in his excitement about moving to Delta and starting a new adventure. Heyn met his wife Melinda while attending the University of Texas and have been married for 17 years. They have two daughters together; Madison, 10 years old, and Leighton, 8 years old.

“While exploring the community, my wife and I were delighted by the expansive mountains and beautiful scenery as well as the warmth of the community” said Heyn adding that he and his wife spent time walking through local retailers and enjoyed hearing all of the positive words they had to say about Delta and neighboring communities.

“When we made the announcement to the girls that we were moving to Delta, Colorado, they were jumping up and down with excitement,” said Heyn. “I think we’re going to have a lot of fun as a family in Delta County. We’re going to grow and experience a new journey and chapter.”

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