Hutto Cedar Mesa development

An old driveway has been revamped by Hardy Hutto Construction, the company which recently purchased the side of Cedar Mesa which faces Cedaredge.

By Lucas Vader

Staff Writer

In recent weeks, east of Cedaredge, minor construction has been visible alongside the road going up the side of Cedar Mesa. It was confirmed Wednesday that the project and the property belong to Hardy Hutto Construction, but any future development is currently on hold.

According to owner Hardy Hutto, all development is on hiatus until the county’s new land use regulations go into effect on April 1. As the land is outside of Cedaredge city limits, it is Delta County officials and regulations that will be involved. All that’s been done so far is the revamping of an old faded driveway that leaves the road and goes down the side of the hill.

Hutto stated he just bought the property shortly prior to the driveway revamp. There are no plans of detail regarding any upcoming projects, but Hutto said the mission is definitely housing.

“Right now, I’ve been getting bombarded, and we just don’t know the ins and outs totally,” Hutto said on the project. The land is already zoned as UGA, which means its an urban growth area, which is slated for low and medium density housing.

Essentially, the land is a pending project zone, but no specific project is in the works right now.

“We just don’t know a lot right now and we’re [not wanting] to get a bunch of people fired up about something that we don’t even know,” Hutto said. He said more information should become available shortly after April 1 when the new regulations go into effect and allow them to proceed with planning.

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