In the short time that Joel L. Watts has been in Delta, he’s made a big impact on the community through his counseling service Integrated Insight Therapy, LLC. He and co-owner Laura Blair, along with their growing staff, will celebrate their one year anniversary on July 8.

The growing grassroots counseling service provides evidenced-based therapy for substance abuse, trauma, family, children and pastoral counseling. They work closely with area agencies to provide therapy for mutual clients. In addition, a state license from the Colorado Department of Human Services, Office of Behavioral Health, allows Integrated Insight therapists to work with clients navigating the criminal justice system.

“We will provide a variety of treatment options, such as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), trauma therapy, and stabilization. We will have a case manager, Hilary Hegewald who will work to get released clients stabilized and into treatment, as a way to decrease recidivism rates. Blair will administer this position, and Miranda Franklin will provide the lead in therapy,” said Watts, Chief Operating Officer.

“My focus is primarily on trauma, as I view trauma as the underlying cause for substance use and most mental health disorders. We utilize a variety of evidenced-based modalities, such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, and our own integrated approach, Integrated Insight Therapy,” said Watts who moved to Delta two years ago to work with the Center for Mental Health.

Prior to working for CMH, Watts completed his Masters Degree in Clinical Mental Health from Adams State College, in 2015. He launched Integrated Insight Therapy last July after deciding ‘to do something different with therapy in rural Colorado.”

For Watts, LPCC, tackling issues around substance abuse has become a passion that carries over into his counseling as he continues to pursue his LPC and CACII and other credentials.

“For the longest time we treated substance abuse as a moral failing, then we got into the disease model and everything was a disease and we treat diseases in very similar ways, but I don’t do that. I am much more the behavior model. Substance abuse is a behavior. We learn substance use because it is a coping skill and no one who finds something they enjoy and takes away the pain will give that up too easily … and when it’s the pain we can’t see ... that’s what attracts us to these substances.”

Rounding out the team at Integrated Insight Therapy, LLC are:

Laura Blair, LPC, and Chief Executive Officer focuses on people with long-term chronic illnesses including families and individuals. Blair will also oversee the JBBS (jail based behavioral services) for the practice at the Delta County Jail.

Elizabeth Dufek, LPC, works primarily with families, individuals in the realm of cognitive behavioral therapy. She is also working on a new intensive in-home therapy service as well as some patients under OBH licensure.

Kim Johnson, LPCC, works with children using play therapy. She also works with parents and family units.

Chris Johnson, LPCC, works with substance abuse, mental health issues and youth as well as pastoral counseling, an area that integrates a person’s individual spirituality regardless of religious preference in the therapeutic environment.

Lyn Taylor, LCP, CACIII,SUD, CJ and EOP, focuses on enhanced outpatient services and heads up the substance-abuse program. She brings specialized knowledge on substance-abuse treatment modalities and oversees all clients assigned under OBH licensure.

Brett Ubell, CACII, CPS, SUD and DUI will head up the Montrose office while working with a variety of clients assigned under OBH licensure.

Andrew Henderson, LPCC, one of the newest members of the team will focus on mental health counseling and intensive home therapy. Chris Connery and Baker Bent are serving internships at the agency.

Realizing the growing need for behavioral-based therapy, Watts and Blair recently opened a second office in Montrose led by Ubell. Watts said the new office, opening July 1, will have a different feel than the Delta location.

“We are expanding and that’s good. The Montrose office will be different from the Delta office, they have their own culture, and I want to respect that whether they’re working with probation or DHS. Each office is going to grow where they’re planted, it’s not an extension of Delta, it’s their office,” Watts said.

Among his priorities, Watts hopes to avoid therapeutic trauma associated with solution-focused therapy, the ‘get them in get them out’ model that hasn’t worked in the past. Rather, his philosophy is based on helping individuals to never have to come back to therapy with the goal of becoming ‘actualized’ through developing relationships between the client and the therapist.

“At the moment we call it (our therapeutic model) integrated insight. It’s about helping people to understand why they do the things they do. It’s not about judgement, we talk about how to take responsibility for changing the behaviors that we don’t want,” said Watts.

Integrated Insight Therapy offices are located at 543 Main St. in Delta, 970-201-1467 and 1543 Ogden Road in Montrose, 970-765-2155

The practice accepts both Medicaid and Rocky Mountain Health Plans. They are available by appointment only Monday-Friday.

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