Jan Gage

Jan Gage.

Trustee Jan Gage is running for mayor of Orchard City against current Mayor Ken Volgamore and Mayor Pro-tem Craig Fuller. She runs with the intention of being a transparent mayor who listens to the people of Orchard City and pays close attention to public concerns.

“I really care about the citizens of Orchard City and I think I have some skills that will help the citizens,” Gage said.

Gage moved to Orchard City about 15 years ago after retiring from a senior executive position of the paper and packaging industry, where she was ultimately responsible for health, safety and general and financial wellbeing of coworkers and shareholders. She has had many years of experience with the Town of Orchard City, as she previously served as mayor pro-tem and has been on the water, finance, planning, park and personnel committees. She was also on the board of HopeWest Hospice Delta and she was the president of Orchard City Women’s Club.

Gage said she would actively communicate with Orchard City residents because the residents ultimately fund the town.

“I think all of us need to remember that the town is funded by our citizens,” Gage said, “and we need to really take good financial care of our citizens because we are a disadvantaged community.”

Gage acknowledged that Orchard City has several residents below the poverty line and senior citizens who are living solely off social security.

“We need to remember that when we talk about spending money as a town, we need to remember who’s funding that,” Gage said, “and it’s our people and we need to be cognizant of that.”

Gage said she feels like the town could improve the way its handles finances in its tight budget. This would include hearing ideas from the public and taking constructive criticism on things the board may not do good enough.

Gage said she is regularly approached by Orchard City residents in public and that she loves helping them solve their issues, directing them to the right personnel and giving advice.

“It’s really kind of cool,” Gage said. “I mean, I like it. It takes me forever. My husband doesn’t understand why it takes me two and a half hours to go to Walmart, but I’ll stand in an aisle talking to someone for, you know, 30 minutes.”

“I will do everything that is within my power to see that the citizens are fiscally and physically protected,” Gage said.

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